Martin Street Dentists has always offered quality preventative and restorative dental care but we are excited to offer a range of new treatments to help improve the look and feel of your smile.  Dr Adam Sibio can help straighten and improve your smile with Invisalign.  Invisalign uses a series of custom made retainers to straighten your teeth.  Please phone 9596 4000 for a consultation, Dr Adam will scan your teeth and show you a 3D image of what your smile could look like.


All our Dentists offer Boutique whitening solutions.  They will take impressions and create custom made whitening trays for you to use in the comfort of your own home.  Once you achieve your desired share of white, you can easily maintain the shade at home and we sell the Boutique whitening gel in individual tubes as well.

Please call 95964000 to make an appointment.